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Building the Future with intention…

The Fairway Group commenced its green initiatives in 2003 with the taming of the rapids of the Walawe Ganga - one of Sri Lanka’s principal rivers - for the first time in history. The kinetic energy of the flowing water of the river produced green energy via a 0.8 Mw mini-hydro power project. In addition, the Fairway Group has partnered the development of over 30 Mw of green energy by harnessing wind-power. The Fairway Group’s two completed high-rise luxury residential projects are The Fairway on the Waterfront (2007) and Fairmount - Urban Oasis (2010). A core group of dedicated individuals came together to develop these two iconic buildings to the most exacting standards and in a socially responsible manner with a view to reducing our ecological footprint. In Fairway - SkyGardens, our newest project, we have resolved to surpass these high standards.

  • Building vertically since high-rises contribute to a smaller ecological footprint and have a lesser impact on nature
  • Providing natural ventilation and lighting in order to promote health and well-being
  • Installing LED lights which lower energy costs
  • Installing air-conditioners with state of the art “inverter technology” that consumes less energy
  • Recycling water to reduce water consumption
  • Refraining from using limestone
  • Not using locally harvested timber
  • Pioneering the use of high quality engineered and processed timber products
  • When necessary, using imported hardwood that has been responsibly harvested

Building green is costly but helps protect our environment and valuable natural resources thereby reducing our ecological footprint. Our Homeowners will be always secure in the knowledge that thier investment is an ethical and responsible one.